Is depression genetic?

Did you know that not one of my children has the same blood type as me?

I don’t think that any of my children really look like me either. Oh! Each has inherited personality traits from me though: Bethany is a perfectionist; Emily is sassy and will tell it like it is; Brantley loves people and always wants to help. Each of the children have facial expressions that they get from me too. My hopes are that they didn’t inherit my depression.

We as mother’s do not like to see our children hurting or sick. Bethany got the flu this season, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her look as pale, frail, and helpless as she did then. I really hurt. I was really scared, and that’s saying a lot because I’m a nurse. My heart broke for my baby.

My biggest fear is that one of my children will inherit this awful disease that I have. I know how badly I hurt sometimes, and I do not want my children to have to go through that. I do not want to see my children like that. I do not want to know that my genes were responsible for them being in such a dark, miserable state.

I did some research today and was relieved at what I found as far as depression being genetic.

A person inherits a vulnerability to depression, not the actual disease. People that have a parent or sibling with depression are 1.5 to 3 times more likely to develop depression than those that do not have a relative with it. Studies have found multiple genes that may lead to the development of depression. Research still fails to find one specific gene that increases the vulnerability of depression in everyone. It is thought that there are multiple genes working together to make someone vulnerable to depression.  Genetic causes of depression

This reassures me that there is still hope for my children. Hope that my children do not have to live a life with depression. Hope that much more of the vulnerability comes from environment, and hope that Ronny and I are raising our children in an environment that increases vulnerability for vitality than for depression.


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